Project Description


Eagle Marine Services (EMS) is the operator of a container terminal with a long-term concession located at Pier 300 in the Port of Los Angeles. The terminal’s services include rail and vessel planning; container yard and on-dock rail operations; special handling services; and streamline and refine operations. With more than 25 years of experience, EMS holds a reputation as an industry leader with years of experience handling cargo and terminal operations challenges, as well as constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline processes. EMS was starting to upgrade its operations support systems that run the terminal. The newly upgraded technologies increased EMS IT staff’s workload. Additionally, EMS was finding it difficult to match its internal resource skill set against the evolving IT environment.


As EMS’ IT environment was rapidly changing, the terminal required flexibility in its IT resource skills. The terminal needed a scalable Managed Services solution. VectorUSA provided EMS with a resource unit-based, fixed-price Managed Services contract. The contract offered 24x7x365 availability of all network and systems to provide business-critical access to EMS employees, the applications they use and data that is stored on the centralized devices. VectorUSA’s Managed Services model allowed EMS to fix its IT costs, while also opening the IT resource pool available to help manage its IT environment. VectorUSA is also able to leverage its expertise and service offerings in many of the operations support systems that EMS employs on its terminal to deliver seamless value engineered solutions.