Long Beach Transit


Long Beach Transit is a municipal transit company providing fixed and flexible bus transit services in Long Beach, California and in other communities in south and southeast Los Angeles County and in northwestern Orange County. Long Beach Transit also operates the Passport shuttle, Aquabus and Aqualink. Long Beach Transit’s first VoIP phone system using 3-Com’s latest technology was no longer supported and the company needed to find a new communication system that could integrate phone, data, and video into one unified service.


After receiving the budget from the City of Long Beach, LBT contracted VectorUSA to design and build a scalable system that fit into LBT’s budget. VectorUSA engineers began by installing
1,500 feet of category 6 riser cable to a workstations at LBT’s Cherry Avenue and Anaheim Street complexes. VectorUSA recommended Ascom for a robust wireless solution and Cisco solutions for the VoIP solutions. LBT’s overall communication needs within all LBT yards were met with Ascom handsets operating on an 802.11n network. VectorUSA chose Ascom because of the environment of the bus yards and the durability of the Ascom handsets. The Ascom solution included voice, texting and video capabilities. VectorUSA engineers used Cisco VoIP phone system that integrated seamlessly with Ascom handsets to create single and multiline IP phone endpoints, paging, video conferencing, instant messaging, and Bluetooth. The finished project gave LBT a reliable and robust communication system that worked well in the gritty and harsh environment of a transportation yard.


Long Beach Transit

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