Ports America Los Angeles


Ports America is one of the largest container terminals within the Port of Los Angeles, owner and operator of a 272-acre facility with 4,500 feet of berth space for vessel docking with 13 ship-toshore cranes. The terminal operator has hundreds of steel-walled shipping containers moving in and out of the facility on a daily basis, blocking wireless connectivity. To compound the challenge, the existing decade-old 802.11 wireless network was unable to keep up with today’s demands. In addition, the operator’s Position Detection System was also operating on an outdated wireless system.


To support the critical infrastructure of this terminal in order to keep the cargo moving, we engineered, installed and managed the entire upgrade, including two high-availability Cisco controllers, 50 Cisco wireless access points, 50 Cisco IE-managed switches, and three Cisco fiber aggregation switches. Our integrated solution included TerraWave and L-Com antennas, Valmount access-point mounts, Siemon Cat6 cables and connectivity, and Hoffman NEMA4X enclosures.

Our solution reduced downtime, enabling the terminal to operate business as usual and controlling costs in excess of $50,000 per hour. Our solution processes ships 7-10 times faster than manually operated facilities, allowing ships to arrive and depart on time. Yard Automation ensures accuracy of container placement and increases safety for all personnel working within the terminal. And realtime location services enhances security and operational awareness, protecting the terminal against false insurance claims and liquidated damages.


Ports America Los Angeles

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