Project Description


Ports America Oakland needed to automate its yard and vessel operations with Wireless Mobility and other technologies. At the heart of this company’s needs was a network connection in the yard and along the berth which did not have fiber or LAN connections. In order to install technologies like Optical Character Recognition and Electronic Positioning Systems, a new wireless system was needed.


VectorUSA designed and built a solution that included the integration of a new Cisco 5508 wireless controller and 60 Cisco 1552 wireless Access Points that were installed around the terminal. The locations of the APs included cranes, building roof-tops and poles with and without fiber. Our team of skilled network engineers provided integration support for both the OCR and EPS applications that were riding over the newly built wireless network. Today they are able to automate certain functions that reduce cost, increase efficiency and provide better visibility for security and operations.

This project also called for the installation and configuration of customer-provided Wherenet Location Sensors and Wherenet Whereports. These devices were part of an industrial telematics solution manufactured by Wherenet, tracking trucks and cargo throughout the marine terminal. The Wherenet system aids in terminal automation and job promotion for the Terminal Operating System.

VectorUSA was the Prime Contractor on this project — designing, managing, implementing and executing the full delivery of all products and services. VectorUSA also followed strict protocols relating to the sensitive project environment.