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The University of Southern California has a student population of nearly 46,000, as well as 27,000 faculties and staff. Assuming both the student and employee population require wireless access, that’s roughly 70,000 individuals requesting Network Access daily. However, this number neither factors in guests requesting access nor the fact that many of these individuals likely have more than one device. The number of access requests at USC could easily overwhelm any network.

To make matters worse, USC was utilizing an aging authentication environment for its Network Access. The authentication environment was designed 20 years ago, long before the Internet of Things or BYOD were even fathomed. This outdated program was failing with the influx of requests for guest Wi-Fi, as well as an always-on mobile staff and student population. In addition to these demands for network access, in recent years, there has been an onslaught of BYOD devices and IoT which also overwhelmed the network. USC needed a means of authenticating and onboarding devices that would neither overwhelm the network nor their IT staff.


VectorUSA researched several Network Access Control solutions. After assessing the university’s high demand for Network Access, Aruba ClearPass was the evident choice. ClearPass enables users to self-register and securely onboard multiple devices, simplifying the onboarding process. This process would help USC incorporate best practices when it came to wired and wireless authentication on its campus. Additionally, Aruba ClearPass would help bring visibility, control and security response to the anywhere, anytime, any-device student, staff and guest populations.

Aruba ClearPass was deployed across USC’s main campus, University Park Campus, which spans 229-acres. ClearPass was deployed in academic buildings, dorms, and other facilities. Since deploying ClearPass, between 80,000 to 125,000 authentication requests are securely validated daily. The ClearPass solution offers students, staff, faculty, and guests alike the ability to seamlessly access the resources and applications they need, bolstering their user experience.


University of Southern California

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