Project Description


Westfield Group, LLC attracts nearly 360 million shopper visits each year in the United States. Westfield’s portfolio of 38 U.S. shopping centers includes nearly 7,000 stores across 46 million square feet of retail space in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Washington. Retailers include Target, Costco, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. With its expansive real estate holdings and patronage, Westfield needed comprehensive security and network solutions for each of its malls to protect patrons, vendors, properties and infrastructure. The scope of the project was massive and included a range of services from cabling and IP camera placements to server and storage solutions.


VectorUSA engineers began with assessing the current cable infrastructure of each location, verified existing backbones, feasibility of camera locations, pathways and power requirements. VectorUSA designed a complete Surveillance IP Camera System infrastructure, added, upgraded and replaced both analog fixed and PTZ cameras with new High Priority Surveillance IP Cameras. At the same time, VectorUSA engineers assessed the data storage needs and configured or upgraded servers as needed. Once the systems were installed, VectorUSA engineers and Westfield security directors verified that each camera placement and camera views were correct. VectorUSA then provided training classes to each shift of security personnel as chosen by Westfield Director of Security. Cameras were positioned to capture the activities and faces of people on escalators, entering and exiting restrooms, and exiting the mall.  A Surveillance Management System with OnSSI software was installed on Westfield servers. This allowed Westfield to better manage the surveillance system by taking advantage of the new IP based system. The new system also allowed Westfield’s upper management remotely view all of the IP cameras.