IT Solutions for Healthcare

Balancing Safety and Service, as Well as Quality of Care.

With increasing healthcare costs, insurance obstacles, communication delays, and privacy regulations, healthcare institutions are facing overwhelming challenges to provide the most affordable and best quality care. Technology is instrumental to improving efficiency and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

VectorUSA realizes that while many industries have demanding security challenges, the healthcare industry has unique requirements, including a need to support existing business systems, compliance with regulations, and patient privacy. Protecting vital company data, critical applications, and sensitive patient information, without compromising care, is imperative. VectorUSA helps balance safety and service, as well as the quality of care and regulatory compliance in all our healthcare IT solutions.

VectorUSA helps healthcare providers save money by improving existing healthcare processes and practices instead of purchasing expensive new systems that require comprehensive staff retraining. Our healthcare IT solutions help integrate new communications technologies into existing clinical systems, ensuring the acceleration of clinical processes without requiring a significant cultural change from users.

“We live in a world of Uber, Amazon and Airbnb. As a result – patients, staff and visitors now expect immediate access to information during their hospital visits. With the increase in digital health records, digital imaging, and telemedicine – reliable and high-capacity network connectivity is essential to meet the access demands of staff, patients and visitors. Without it, staff productivity slows, care is delayed, visitors become annoyed, and patients feel ignored.”
– Alexandra Jones, VectorUSA Account Executive

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