Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions Crafted to Reduce Labor Costs.

70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed from a remote location, and remote infrastructure management services can reduce labor costs up to 50%, realizing up to 30% in overall net savings.

Adaptable Managed Services Provider

For years, companies have contracted business and IT functions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. It’s crucial to work with a managed solutions provider that can adapt to your ever-changing business needs.

Many managed services providers prevent organizations from keeping pace. At VectorUSA, we take a flexible, strategic approach and work collaboratively with you to create an outsourcing arrangement tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our experienced professionals play a proactive, objective, advisory role to support your strategic initiatives and enterprise transformations.

We offer end-to-end MSP solutions tailored to your organization that include defining business processes and requirements, application development, functional support, and ongoing operations and service desk support. Our optional hosting services provide an integrated database, operating system, hardware, and network management solutions.

Achieve a faster return on investment, lower operating costs, reduce risk, address talent shortages and improve your business focus with our managed services provider solutions. Our Managed Services are flexible and customized to address your company’s unique objectives. They are also designed for fast, accurate and successful implementation.

A Managed Services Provider Who Understands Your Needs

MSP solutions designed to help you:

Lower operational expenditures and improve productivity. Our technological skills and experience managing complex applications save you time and money on procuring equipment, building and retaining staff.

Achieve more predictable maintenance and support. Reduce surprises by leveraging our skilled resources and knowledge of leading-edge practices, including Capability Maturity Model Integration and Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Sharpen your focus. Concentrate on customers and on the services or solutions that create your competitive advantage.

Align IT investments with business priorities. Integrate IT and corporate strategies with managed services provider solutions tailored to your business objectives.

Improve the efficiency of internal staff. Allow your employees to concentrate on executing strategic tasks rather than fulfilling routine functions.

Reduce risk. React quickly to IT labor shortages, increased application complexity and the rapid pace of business change with our managed services provider expertise.


Get tips on how to select the Right MSP for Your Organization

Change isn’t easy, especially if it involves moving away from an IT environment and infrastructure your organization has utilized for years. Use this guide as a resource for evaluating managed services providers to ensure you partner with the right company to meet your organization’s needs.


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