San Diego County Water Authority


The San Diego County Water Authority provides safe and reliable water to member agencies, that in turn serve more than three million residents in the region. The Authority operates and maintains a complex network of water transportation, treatment, and storage facilities to accomplish this mission. To help keep these physical assets safe and secure, the Authority needed a modernized network-based video surveillance system that would allow flexibility in adding and changing camera configurations and more robust overall camera and monitoring features. The Authority also needed a system that would run on its local network, drive operational efficiencies by learning the difference between normal and abnormal events, and minimize false alarms and unnecessary responses.


VectorUSA engineers designed a new IP-based video surveillance pilot that was implemented at the Authority’s primary reservoir. This location posed particular challenges. The previous system created false alarms triggered by human and animal activity – false alarms that were time-consuming and costly. The new system featured an intelligent, integrated video and event management platform complete with a behavioral analytics application.

Immediately, the new system developed protocols for determining normal versus abnormal behaviors. The new system, integrated seamlessly into the network, exponentially reduced false alarms at the reservoir, and as a result, reduced truck rolls and security dispatches, saving the Authority both time and money.




San Diego County Water Authority

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