Anaheim Elementary School District


The Anaheim Elementary School District, with 24 campuses and 20,000 K-6 students, needed to upgrade its Singlewire notification software to take advantage of new features. Singlewire creates IP-based voice applications and software for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities. The District used the Singlewire software to tie its Cisco VoIP phone system with its paging, clock and bell requirements. However, the latest version of Singlewire was not compatible with the District’s version of Cisco Unified Call Manager.


The District had previously contracted VectorUSA for two successful upgrades of Cisco Unified Call Manager. VectorUSA engineers were brought in to upgrade Cisco Unified Call Manager – an upgrade that included all 24 campuses and more than 1,200 handsets. VectorUSA also migrated the District’s physical servers to Cisco’s Unified Computing System – a virtual platform which reduces the total cost-of-ownership and improves scalability by integrating the different components into a cohesive platform that can be managed as a single unit.

Once the upgrade was completed, VectorUSA engineers launched the new software upgrade with minimal downtime: less than 30 minutes. The District’s mass communication system is now running the latest software with no integration issues between Singlewire applications and Cisco Unified Call Manager – not to mention the cost savings of the Cisco UCS.


Anaheim Elementary School District

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