AV Solutions for a Technology Services Provider


This leading Tech Service Provider was relocating its headquarters. Their existing AV was limited to video conferencing in two conference rooms and a training room – all three existing AV installations were unreliable and difficult to use.

Due to budget constraints, the Tech Service Provider wanted to reuse as much of their existing equipment as possible but also wanted overall AV solution improvements to address their current system challenges.

The old system utilized single platform video conference systems and did not meet the company’s need for multi-platform video conferencing.

The AV solutions did not address the open areas as it pertains to sound masking and background music in common spaces.

In addition, space was not at the level desired to demonstrate AV technology to potential and existing clients, enabling them to demonstrate different solutions and room types to prospective clients.


The VectorUSA AV Team worked closely with our PMO to design and implement Av solutions that exceed Avixa and InfoComm industry standards, addressing many issues the old AV solutions failed to address.

The new AV solutions are easier to use and program, addressing ergonomic and aesthetic concerns the old system did not address.

The new AV solutions encompass several technologies and room types ranging from sound masking in open areas, background music in common spaces, digital signage, and cable TV in common areas like the lobby and lunchroom.

The new AV solutions and technologies include videoconferencing, audio-conferencing, laptop and PC inputs, cable TV, digital signage players, signage displays, sound masking, background music, and shade control.

VectorUSA worked closely with our AV manufacturing partners, including ADI, Biamp, Cambridge Sound, Crestron, Extron, Newline, and Stampede.


The new headquarters has more video conference spaces, including a 60-seat training center, providing more collaboration spaces between its offices, clients and employees.

A state-of-the-art Network Operations Center with a six-screen video wall was also added. AV was expanded into the lunchroom and huddle spaces, providing unique experiences for clients and guests.

VectorUSA also added background music in a number of public areas, and a thermal-image scanner was installed to provide temperature-taking in the main lobby.

These AV enhancements enable our Client to demonstrate different AV technologies and solutions and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our ability to design, engineer, program and implement the latest AV technologies to drive day-to-day business needs.


With over 30 years of experience and more than 325 employees, this Technology Services Provider works closely with their manufacturing partners to provide custom tech solutions for public and private K12 and higher ed schools, ports and terminals, hospitals, large and small commercial enterprises, and state, local and federal agencies.


AV Solutions

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