Data Solutions for a School District in Southern California


This School District needed an overhaul of their compute, storage and backup solutions to relieve the strain placed on the IT Department’s technology and human resources, in order to meet the IT needs of faculty and students.

The District had aging, end-of-life data storage and backup storage in their data center, increasing the likelihood of data loss due to storage failure, and limited performance and capacity.

The virtualized servers hosting their production VMware environment were also reaching end-of-life, limiting performance and risking primary workload failure.

Additionally, the VMware version the District utilized was out of support and lacked many of the latest developments in virtualization capabilities.

Lastly, their legacy-backup solution was not built for a virtualized world, lacking many of the capabilities and flexibility that modern virtual backup and recovery solutions provide.


VectorUSA provided three new high-performance servers, a replacement SAN and a strategic backup solution, providing the District with a robust, future-proof data center and backup solution with scalability.

The storage component was comprised of a new storage chassis, providing the necessary usable storage performance of a virtual environment and adequate headroom for future growth.

We installed an on-premise, dedicated backup repository to keep the backup data separated in order to follow industry best practices.

The backup software also provided instantaneous VM recovery in order to recover individual files and backups effortlessly.


With the new compute, storage and backup solution in place, our Client has gained considerable ease of management, freeing them up to focus on delivering high-quality educational services to faculty and staff.

The performance improvements of the new servers and storage enable increased overhead capacity for burst workloads and additional VM capacity overall.

The virtual-native backup solution provides a dramatic increase in flexibility of backups and modern capabilities with restore and data center resilience, including instant VM recovery, malware sandboxing, cloud data copies, and the ability to run VMs directly from their backup location, without a restore.

The entire backup software solution was fully integrated with the dedicated backup repository, and managed through a single pane of glass, providing peace of mind and ease
of use.


This Unified School District is comprised of 10 preschools, 19 elementary schools, five middle schools, five high schools and one adult school, serving over 21,000 ethnically-diverse students.

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