Data Solutions for HVAC Manufacturer


Buying software should be easy, however, this Company was dealing with another vendor and paying MSRP for their licensing of Microsoft SQL.

The Company was paying more than they had to and not receiving any additional benefit by going through their previous vendor.


VectorUSA stepped in and reviewed the pricing the Company was receiving from their prior MSP and vendor.

VectorUSA provided a detailed description of the different Microsoft SQL licensing options and features, enabling the Company to choose which option best met their needs and budget.


With VectorUSA providing better insight into their SQL licensing, requirements and usage, our Client is now benefiting from a lower total cost of ownership of their SQL environment.

As their trusted Microsoft vendor, this Company continues to have better insight and reporting on their SQL environment, ultimately lowering their licensing spend.


As one of the largest, fully-automated manufacturers in the country, this Company specializes in the fabrication of rectangular, round and oval commercial HVAC duct.

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