Escondido Union School District


Escondido Union School District has more than 17,000 elementary and middle school students with a student to teacher ratio of 20 to 1. The District is comprised of the District headquarters, five middle schools, 17 elementary schools and one specialty school. The District was struggling with an outdated network and aging hardware. In order to comply with state school mandates, the District needed to upgrade its entire network.


With the assistance of VectorUSA experts, the District secured E-Rate funding for 15 eligible sites. VectorUSA engineers replaced aging network electronics with upgraded equipment, including switch and wireless components. The Wireless/LAN solution included an intuitive, flexible interface which allowed District IT personnel to maintain and configure the network. VectorUSA designed and installed Power over Ethernet to every port on the network. VLAN Management was installed so all ports could be allocated, secured and managed for a variety of IP uses including data and voice, hand-held devices, cameras, and secure logins for a variety of uses including students, teachers and guests. The effects of the new Wireless/LAN system were immediate – the Technology and Media Services Director of the Escondido Union School District proclaimed, “Kids are now learning at a rate that I didn’t think was possible.”


Escondido Union School District

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