Inglewood Unified School District


Inglewood Unified School District serves a diverse population of more than 11,000 students from the city of Inglewood and the Ladera Heights community. The District’s antiquated communication network was falling behind the needs of both staff and students. The District needed an upgrade of its telephones, communication pathways, cabinets, and copper and fiber cabling infrastructure for all of its 17 campuses, and five offices and District headquarters.


VectorUSA designed a Cisco solution that would meet and exceed District requirements with little or no disruption to the individual schools’ daily routines. VectorUSA began with installing new Cisco routers and switches in the District’s Main Distribution and Intermediate Distribution frames. At each campus, VectorUSA engineers implemented new IP addressing schemes for VLAN and configured LAN systems to District specifications.

The District’s outdated telephone infrastructure was replaced by a VoIP PBX system at 20 locations within the District campuses and offices. Two Cisco Call Manager systems and a Cisco Unity Voicemail Server were installed along with more than 1,200 Cisco handsets. VectorUSA also provided training and support for hundreds of end-users. The success of the project has the District continuing to contract with VectorUSA to provide network, telephone and cabling support District-wide.


Inglewood Unified School District

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