OmniDuct Systems


OmniDuct has specialized in fabricating and shipping quality round, rectangular and oval HVAC ductwork directly to commercial job sites across the USA for nearly 40 years. OmniDuct supplies ductwork to a wide variety of projects from airports, hospitals, hotels and theaters to shopping centers, schools, prisons and military installations. OmniDuct hired a Managed Service Provider to help with its internal technology support. However, the provider was not meeting the company’s expectations, leading OmniDuct to look for a different Managed Service Provider that could help them save money on their internal technology support. “There was no teamwork between our Managed Service Provider and us. No roadmap. They were not engaged at all,” said OmniDuct’s Director of Systems and IT Kevin Peck. “We wanted a supplier who was an extension of our team and held accountable in the same way.”


VectorUSA provided OmniDuct with a Managed Service solution that promoted transparency between the two companies. The solution assures access to all OmniDuct network resources in a timely and reliable manner from the edge of the network to the core shared servers. VectorUSA helped migrate OmniDuct’s critical business applications away from a hosted data center to the Microsoft Azure cloud and assumed the day-to-day management of that data. We also provide 24.7.365 response to end-user and employee requests via VectorUSA’s Network Operations Center. The solution was recently taken out of the onboarding phase, and Peck praised VectorUSA’s work.“We transferred over from our previous Managed Service Provider to VectorUSA, and our executive team did not even notice. There were no major startup issues,” Peck said.

With the solution in place, OmniDuct now gets better response times. Additionally, the company has more visibility of their network, ultimately allowing them to make better decisions about their technology.


OmniDuct Systems

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