Disney Family Cancer Center Innovative Infrastructure


The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is a new, innovative, four-floor, 55,000-square-foot facility providing the full range of diagnostics, treatment, care, and support services for cancer patients and their families. To meet the current and future needs of its patients and their families, the new Cancer Center needed an Innovative Infrastructure to support a vast network of voice and data applications.


VectorUSA began by assessing the Innovative Infrastructure installation of voice and data cabling, starting with the number of telecommunications outlets per floor – in all a total of 166. After cable hangers, J-hooks and other supporting assemblies were installed, VectorUSA laid UTP 4 pair 23 AWG Category-5E cable. The Main Telecommunications Room was located on the second floor and housed the Backbone and horizontal cable. VectorUSA built four open bay, free-standing relay racks. The racks housed all horizontal cables and components, backbone cables and components and LAN equipment. The Telecommunications Rooms were located on the first, third and fourth floors, where engineers built two open bay, free-standing relay racks. Both the MTR and TR room racks were grounded to a Telecommunications Ground Busbar. Every cabling link was in accordance with the field test specifications defined in the most recent cabling standard TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1, Transmission Performance Specifications for Category 6 cabling. All cabling was documented and upon completion, a copy was delivered to the Cancer Center’s project manager.


The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center

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