Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hired a small service provider to install an interactive video wall plus a series of monitors and a supporting data and switch center for their Crime Analysis Bureau in Monterey Park. The provider failed to meet the project requirements and Sheriff officials were very unhappy with the result. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department needed a user-friendly system to integrate live-camera feeds from their jails, crime maps, parolee and sex offender monitoring, and facilities surveillance.


VectorUSA engineers designed and implemented a solution that included a Furman voltage regulator, Crestron Professional Control Processor/Server, Video Sensor, 32 channel HD Media Distribution Panel, and Contemporary Research fourth generation HDTV Tuner. VectorUSA engineers built a video wall with six monitors, plus a series of four more monitors in the Crime Analysis department. The feeds were integrated with the department’s software to intuitively switch from view to view. The LASD Crime Analysis unit deputies may now monitor more than a dozen feeds, easily switching from one source to another in a matter of seconds. The system is fully scalable to add more data without incurring significant costs. VectorUSA engineers were able to build this highly successful system for significantly less than the Department’s proposed budget.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

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