Yusen Terminals Innovative Infrastructure in Los Angeles


Yusen Terminals in Los Angeles understood that to stay competitive, it needed to upgrade the system it used to offload and track cargo shipments. Yusen Terminals decided to implement an OCR system to automate their vessel operation. However, they needed a direct network connection on their ship-to-shore cranes. They called on the Innovative Infrastructure Integration Services of VectorUSA to engineer and install an integrated wireless OCR camera-based container inventory network.


For the camera-based Container Inventory Network installation, VectorUSA mounted cameras on tall power poles that scan and read each cargo container offloaded by cargo cranes. The video data transmitted via wireless bridge and secure wireless access points that are mounted on each cargo crane. To complete the electronic information loop, access points transmit the video images to the terminal operating system, responding back to crane operators with precise information about where each cargo container is stored on the 152-acre site.

For ship-to-shore cranes with wireless bridges, wireless access points were mounted on top of light poles on one side of the bridge connection and off the back reach of the cranes on the other end to transmit critical OCR data to the Terminal Operating System. The TOS then responds back to the operations staff with precise information about each transaction, allowing for job promotion.

The new technology installed for this project provided an innovative solution that eliminated the need for manual transactions while increasing productivity per shift operation. VectorUSA continues to execute all of the outsourced network projects, from quick service calls, to on-site troubleshooting, to remotely managing the terminal’s entire network.

VectorUSA was the Prime Contractor on this multi-faceted project; designing, managing, implementing and executing the full delivery of all products and services. VectorUSA also followed strict protocols relating to the sensitive project environment.


Yusen Terminals

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