IT Professional Services

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants, project managers, designers, engineers, and product specialists offer a full spectrum of business technologies, systems and applications, bringing the latest in technology practices to your organization. Los Angeles Air Force Base needed a contractor to perform non-core IT and organizational services on the base. Los Angeles Air Force Base DOWNLOAD READ MORE A prime contractor for the U.S. District Courts, Quantum Tech, needed a local integrator to support ongoing Information Systems... U.S. District Courts DOWNLOAD READ MORE

VectorUSA IT Professional Services provide technical and professional functions performed by our highly trained and certified experts. We help our clients rise to the challenges of running a business by supporting current workers, meeting mission requirements and staying within schedules and budgets. VectorUSA also offers a variety of cost-effective consulting services that enable you to tap into our broad technology infrastructure experience. Our areas of specialization include IT strategic planning, business continuity planning, enterprise network integration, VoIP telephony, data and premise security, and AV solutions.

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