State and Local Government IT Solutions

Addressing the Technology Needs of Your Community.

State and local governments are facing significant and fundamental budget challenges. Yet demand for services is at an all-time high, requiring increased collaboration to improve service delivery. The growth of mobile devices, the potential of big data and the reality of cybersecurity threats are driving the need for network integration and government IT solutions like never before.

Protecting and securing citizen and agency information is critical. Cyber attacks can originate from anywhere in the world and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Municipalities are typically targeted due to reduced budgets and resources. Though the increased mobilization of the workforce, and its growing number of devices, helps state and local governments serve citizens more efficiently, it also opens new avenues of potential risk.

VectorUSA has government experts dedicated to assisting specific segments within the public sector, including water districts, municipalities, and state governments. Our government IT solutions enable public organizations to operate more efficiently and better serve the public. We have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and extensive experience to help monitor, manage and protect your network.

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